Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Saga is Concluded

Well folks, what began a few months ago as a desire to help some friends in need, has now been concluded. The U-Haul truck with the entire contents of Steve Baker's California Storage Unit has been unloaded at Julie Baker's home. AND, the wonderful volunteers who went out of their way to make this happen; Ella Jean Kuhar, Dorothy Clanton, Penny Harbert and Theresa Greenwood were able to hand deliver Steve's career clipping book to him (see photo above).

Leading the charge on this effort was Theresa Greenwood, who without a public relations background, was able to get the word out to the media and help orchestrate some wonderful news exposure for Steve and Julie. Along the way, the Central Illinois Film Commission read the story and awarded Steve a Lifetime Membership Award to their organization.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved for their hard work and selfless dedication to this cause, without these wonderful volunteers none of this would have happened.
Left to right: Ella Jean Kuhar, Dorothy Clanton, Penny Harbert and Theresa Greenwood in back.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

End of an Era, sort of

Well folks, Steve Baker's storage unit is no more, it's all been loaded into a UHaul truck and is currently in Arizona, on it's way to it's final destination at Steve and Julie's house. Below is a photo of the UHaul when they started.

Next photo is the completed job. There was literally no extra space in the vehicle, they used every available space.

This final photo is of Russell (purple shirt) Theresa (orange shirt) and another Russell (white shirt) as they were getting the last few items loaded.