Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Still Alive

Hello Friends,

I wanted you to know that I'm still alive. The last couple years have been a challenge. But I'm alive and anxious to get back to consulting and creating escapes. I'm also anxious to share with you the many true-life stories that have happened to me. Now through this blog I can do just that.
In a few days, I'll be celebrating the 44th Anniversary of the Birth of Mr. Escape, the character I created back in the 60s and served me very well during my performing career.

I hope you will bare with me on this journey. I'm not the most adept at computers, nor have I ever been. I shall endeavor as best I can to share my story one event at a time.

I'll be posting things daily, hopefully. But watch for the blog to take off on Feb 22, 2011. (The Anniversary of the Birth of Mr.Escape!)

Steve Baker, Mr.Escape


  1. Hello, Mr. Baker. I'm a long time fan and I'm thrilled to see you've launched a blog. I look forward to reliving some fond memories and dangerous escapes. :)

  2. Always nice to meet a fan. I have many memories to share in the coming weeks. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Thank you also for being a fan. Thank you for mentioning me on your blog too. I'm impressed with your Houdini knowledge.

  4. Oh, thank you, Steve. You were one of the reasons I became interested in Houdini. :)