Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Promotional Video

This video is from the late 1980s. The narrator makes the mistake of saying Houdini died in 1925, which always bugged me, so we turned the volume down at that point.  There are some great clips here from different TV shows that I did. It's only a small portion of what I had done. With 32 hours of televised footage to pick and choose from, it's not easy. All of these pieces were performed in front of a live audience and they were all done in a single take. I never did multiple takes. I'll share more about that in the future.


  1. Man, that Water Torture Cell performance on Dick Clark is just as harrowing as I remember. Brilliant.

  2. Pretty cool promo vid. You have any plans for performing any escapes again?

  3. I'm in my 70s. But that isn't a no.