Friday, July 20, 2012

Mr.Escape In the NEWS

If you follow this blog, you know Steve Baker has been having some difficult health issues this year. One of the consequences of these problems is having to go through months of rehabilitation in a Nursing/Rehab Center. He is also apart from Julie his wife of 41 years. They do speak daily and she does see Steve often, but it's a strain on everyone involved.

Another consequence of his health issues is the fact that his storage unit in California could go into default soon. If that were to happen, he could loose the remainder of his many career mementos,  along with a great deal of personal items that are in storage and some escape equipment.

An effort is now underway to help bring this stuff back home to Steve and Julie. It would remove the burden of another monthly bill and also preserve the artifacts left over from an exciting career. Below is the first of many articles that will be coming in the news few days! (or click the link to read the article on the Journal News Website)

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