Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Steve Baker Birthday Surprise for July!

Steve Baker is now a retired escape artist. Numerous health issues over the past few years have put an end to his career in escapes. He and his wife Julie enjoy a quiet retirement in a small mid-western town. Steve was interviewed by some local news organizations a year or so ago, and with any luck, I'll get those posted on the site sometime soon.

We'd like to do something special for Steve this year by celebrating his birthday. Because the Baker's are very private people, I'll include a P.O. Box for you to send cards and letters to. All the cards and letters will then be shipped unopened out to Steve in time for his birthday this year. His birthday is at the end of July, so we'd like to start collecting cards/letters now.  The deadline for this is going to be July 18th, 2014. That will give me time to ship the stuff off for Steve to get on or slightly before his birthday.

Steve no longer has e-mail or access to the internet, so any notes you might post won't be seen and e-mails you may have sent him in the last 7 years have not been read because he has no computer to view them.

You can send cards to:
Steve Baker Birthday
c/o Dean Carnegie/DAC Productions
P.O. Box 359
Centreville, VA 20122

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